(FMF Friday) Surprise



I had the greatest of intentions, y’all. When I saw the word prompt this past Thursday that Kate gave us (BTW you can check this word prompt thing out at katemotaung.com/2016/03/17/five-minute-friday-suprise/ ) I was supes-excited to write because I knew right away what I wanted to write about. Then surprise surprise life got all up in my business. The next thing I knew it’s today – which happens to be the day that we get another word prompt during our Twitter party. Sigh…in case you don’t know it already the struggle is real. Thank goodness the link is still up so I can go ahead and contribute my nonsense…er, I mean my thoughts. 🙂

I got on the internet way back in the summer of 1998 and saw an ad for Clamato tomato juice. They were running a sweepstakes where the grand prize was a trip for two on their Destination Unknown Cruise in December of that year. “Cool!”, I thought. I entered and never thought another thing about it. Well, a couple of months later (can’t remember exactly when because it’s been a l-o-n-g time since then and the memory ain’t what it used to be) I get a knock on the door. It’s the FedEx guy with a registered letter for me. I sign for it, thanked the guy, and tore it open.

Surprise!!! I was one of the grand-prize winners!!!!! I won a trip for two on a Carnival cruise the week before Christmas. It didn’t tell me where the cruise was headed – only had an envelope telling me when to show up at the airport and what kind of clothing to bring along. I gathered from the instructions that it was a cruise to somewhere warm because it said to bring some short-sleeved stuff.

It ended up sailing us to the Bahamas. We had a blast and it is a beautiful place to visit. The trip was right before the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort had their official grand opening, so while there Jeff and I walked around there and oohed and ahhed over all its grandeur.

Now wasn’t that a great story? Well, it doesn’t exactly end there. A few weeks after we arrived home I started feeling queasy. I just couldn’t seem to shake it. Surprise!!!  Yep, you guessed it…I was pregnant. My hubby says that cruise turned out to be the most expensive ‘free’ prize we ever won. Hahahah! I still kid my now 16-year old son about the fact that he is my Bahama baby and threaten to return him to his homeland when he acts up on. He can always count on me to make a snarky comment when an Atlantis Resort commercial comes on tv.

Aren’t surprises the best, er’body?!?!?!??




4 thoughts on “(FMF Friday) Surprise

  1. GREAT STORY! I am posting behind you … squeaked in with 30 minutes to spare. Hope you’ve had a great week. Thanks for sharing such a fun memory 🙂


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