(FMF Friday) Decide



Well, here I am…a little over two hours before the linkup for this particular prompt expires, and then Kate gives us a new one. I haven’t gotten around to writing yet (and I didn’t do it last week either). It seems that every time I would decide to sit down and write something this crazy thing called life would get in the way and I would put it on the back burner. My heart is in the right place but I sometimes just don’t follow through on stuff. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about. Then it hit me.

I am reading an advanced copy of a book right now that I absolutely can’t wait to be released to the public.  It is called “Wild and Free” and it’s the new one by Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan. Peeps, it is AMAZING! It says on the front cover that it’s “a hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough.” I am absolutely in that second category. I never feel like I’m enough – both for my people and for God. This book is showing me that our God is a wild God and He fully expects me to be wild for Him and His glory. There are so many examples of the wild love that He has shown for His people throughout the Bible in there. It tells us that “God is so wild that He transcends our expectations completely.” He calls us to be “run wild into our culture, calling out an incredible message of life: ‘God loves you! World! God loves you and made a way for you! Come with me! You don’t have to live lost and alone! My Dad has a place for you! He sees you as His ultimate treasure!'” WOW!!!

You and I – as children of God – have got to decide if we’re going to get out there and spread that glorious message or if we’re going to doubt our capabilities and let others do it for us. After all, “we are pronounced with purpose, conceived with an objective, given gifts and callings, and put on earth to help move the kingdom of God forward.”

Right here and right now I am deciding that I’m going to try my best to do better next week on writing.

BTW…the book releases in early May. I am not even finished with it, but I can already tell you that I am going to recommend it to everyone. My copy has been highlighted all over the place.