(FMF Friday) Quiet



Everybody dislikes Mondays. Can I be honest and admit that I like Mondays? See, I’ve always been a somewhat shy type of person – staying pretty quiet and in the background at get-togethers and such. I can remember as a kid sitting in my room or outside in a tree a lot reading or just observing what was going on around me. I was pretty content being alone. This trait has followed me into adulthood…I am perfectly happy being by myself. After a weekend of everyone at home and church activities Mondays are my day for laying low and catching up on stuff around the house…laundry, newspaper, and TV (way too much). It’s a day where I tend to stay in my pj’s far too long and drink lots and lots of strong black coffee.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Psalm 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God…”  The Hebrew word “still” in that verse is “raphah”. One of its meanings is “to be quiet, to sink, or relax”. I think that it is very important to make a concerted effort to do just that in our everyday lives, and not just Mondays. We tend to be so busy and so detail oriented that we don’t truly sit still and let God do His work. It is SO hard to just do that, isn’t it? To be truly quiet – sit still and let Him take control of all of our lives. I need to resolve again today to work harder on being quiet before Him.


The end of that same verse is this: “…I will be exalted in the earth.”  Whether we are quiet before our Father or running here and there doing life…He is going to be exalted. He is going to handle it. He is in control. Let’s all never forget that. Being quiet before Him is an added blessing.


22 thoughts on “(FMF Friday) Quiet

  1. Hi Lynette!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And I love your post. The NASB version of Ps 46:10 says “Cease striving and know that I am God.” I thought that was profound when I read it, since it is impossible to get quiet when you are striving.

    So nice to “meet” you today!


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  2. Hey, we have the same kind of Mondays! My morning is usually cleaning up from the weekend including all the shoes by the door. Because we are in ministry our Sundays can be somewhat exhausting so it’s nice to have Mondays where I can just sit, read, knit, write and reflect on the previous day and the upcoming week. So important to take those moments and just be quiet with Him and listen to Him speak softly to our souls. He is so good like that! Thanks for stopping over to my place and I’m so glad I found you to stop over here! Have a wonderful rest of your Monday! 🙂

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  3. I used to hate Mondays, but now it’s up there with Friday/Saturday/Sunday as my favorite day of the week. (Can you tell that my least-favorite days are the days I go to work)?

    You’re right that we need to make time to be still and silent before the Lord. Thanks for the reminder!

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  4. Lynette, I’ve never minded MOndays, but if mine looked like yours, I’d LOVE them. 🙂 Psalm 46:10 has always been a cling-to verse for me. I pray it every night as I’m preparing to sleep. Your reminder that we need to sit still if we really want to hear God’s words for us. And we need to be seeking to exalt Him, even when we have to be busy. Such a great post!

    I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog. And I’m glad I stopped by here. 🙂

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  5. I can see in my mind you in that tree…but honestly I never knew you liked Mondays!
    I have such a hard time quieting my mind long enough to be still and let God do His will…I’m a worrier by nature. Thank you for this. The next time I should be still, I’ll remember what you’ve written. And I’ll try to appreciate the dreaded Monday more, lol. I love you, sister. You help me so much more than you realize reading your thoughts. You are my blessing (:

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  6. Beautiful thoughts! The Lord has been impressing Psalm 46:10 on my heart in recent weeks. Sometimes it’s hard for me to be still — yet what a comfort to know He will be exalted no matter what! Thanks for writing and linking up with FMF!

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  7. I’ve come to love Mondays, too–though this was not always true. If you’re depressed or stressed without weekend reprieve, Mondays (especially in January or February) can be deadly. But now I love them for the same reasons you give. I try never to make any appointments for Mondays and stay home from errands then. I now like to call the first weekday “Monas-day,” when I can (sometimes) enjoy a semblance of the monastic for a little while. 🙂

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  8. Lynette, I am so there with you! There is something to restoring about closing the door behind all the “noise” and just being quiet. May we find some quiet in the midst of our busyness each day. Blessings!

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