Memorable Blogs

Another FMF I missed was the one where Kate asked us to list some memorable blog posts that meant a lot to us. Wow, that’s a tough one. Flashback to my last post where I said I tend to care a lot about what people think of me!!! I am so very afraid of hurting somebody’s feelings that I’m tempted to list each and every blog that I read as faves. We would be here all day if I did that though – I follow a TON of blogs by email. I think I will just stick to five that move me a whole heck of a lot!! Please check out all of them because  they all are wonderful.

#1 —   Shannan Martin rocks my world on a regular basis with all of her posts. She is hilarious, insightful, an all-around sweetheart. She seems to be the kinda gal I would totally be BFFs with if we lived in the same neighborhood. Hopefully she wouldn’t think me kinda stalker-ish saying that though. Check her out if you haven’t already!

#2 —   One wonderful reason to check her out: Scarlett. Her daughter is a scream. I’m pretty sure she is an old soul. Another reason is Kayla’s sense of humor. I find myself stealing…I mean using…her Southern expressions a lot in my everyday conversation.

#3 —   Anne Voskamp is Amazing with a capital A!! Her words are captivating, and she is a woman that is absolutely full of the Holy Spirit. She never fails to inspire me to grow closer to the Lord and be a better person. Warning: keep Kleenex nearby when you read her though. I tear up on a regular basis with her words.

#4 —   I always smile when I see a new blog post in my inbox from the Parks family in Indiana. Carly and Bryan have the most beautiful children and she takes the most amazing pictures of them. You really need to check out her blog and read their amazing stories of adoption and love. It will touch your heart.

#5 —   This is another one that never fails to tug at my heartstrings when I read it. I have saved several of her posts for my children to read. I was tempted to act as though her touching words to her kids came from me when I did so, but my varmints would have never believed that I came up with them on my own. So thanks, Lisa.

So there you have it. Five wonderful blogs to check out. You’re welcome!!!


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