Playing Catch-Up #1 (SLOW)


I have SO neglected my blog for the past month…so much for staying on track. When I started this thing I was so like “yay for me – I’ve got a blog now – gonna be so easy”. Welp, it sure hasn’t  been that way at all. Every week when I would see Kate’s FMF prompt I would get be so excited, then as soon as I sat down in front of my computer I would turn into a basket of “what the heck do I write?”. Satan is so mean y’all…he would start telling me I didn’t have a thing to say that anybody would even care to hear so why even bother.


Well, blast it, Satan…I’m sitting here now and I ain’t moving until I finish a post. So there. I’m starting on the prompt “Choose Your Own Word” and work my way from there. Since I have been nothing but S – L – O – W in doing this thing I’m gonna go out on a limb and use SLOW as my word. Can I be extra honest with everyone right now and just say it takes me forever to accomplish much of anything? I seem to start out with the greatest of intentions and just nosedive from there. What takes an hour for some folks can take me two or three sometimes. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I do have a couple of theories. #1 – while I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination, I am SO nervous about what people will think of me, so I tend to move extra slow. And #2 – I have that classic “squirrel!” tendency in me…I start something then notice something else that I’ve just got to address. Most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m trying to get done either. While it can be quite entertaining sometimes it is also a maddening quality to have. Ask my hubby.


Aren’t you glad that our Heavenly Father isn’t that way? He knows exactly what we need and what needs to be done in our lives. He uses people around us and the circumstances in our lives to accomplish His purposes. Oh, don’t get me wrong…it may seems to us at times that He is moving quite slow, but in His perfect will it is right on time. Thank You, God, that you work and move in our lives using Your timing and not ours!!


I’m going to try very hard to keep on keeping on with this blog. I’ve got settle in and liven it up around here…add some pics and such. Keep your fingers crossed for me but be forewarned. I will be SLOW.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up #1 (SLOW)

  1. You write so beautifully. Well S-L-O-W is OK with me because I’m of your ilk and find myself increasingly slow at doing things but in the end we have to work at the pace that suits us and not at someone else pace. Please keep on with the blog – at your pace – in your style – just share from your heart. Love SLOW – works for me.


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