(FMF Friday) Family

I was thinking that since my last post was a real downer that maybe this time I should lighten things up a wee bit. My family tree is…how shall I put this kindly?…chock full of nuts. We are quite a nutty bunch. Boy howdy, do I have stories to tell!!! I’m gonna tell you just one. I was telling Marisa that I spent so much time at funeral homes growing up that it permanently scarred me. The deceased would lie in state for two or more days while friends and family milled around talking. People would sit in the same room as the casket and talk about the dearly departed. There was so much food brought in for the family that you could pretty much eat nonstop for the entire time the viewing was taking place. After we ate most of us would head out to the little porch on the back of the funeral home – the adults would smoke and the kids would cut up and play. We would all then be herded back inside to sign the remembrance book and head home for the evening, but not before standing in front of the casket and snapping some pics. What the heck?!?! Our parents would drag us back the next morning for either another day of viewing or for the funeral service. Please tell me I’m not the only kid that was subjected to this experience.

I dearly love my family…nuts and all.



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